Levels of Membership

If you would like to join for next year, follow these 2 STEPS:


STEP 1: Begin by completing the Membership Application to be placed on the Waiting List, if you are not already on it. There is a $25 filing fee.


STEP 2: Choose whether you would like to be a bonded member ($500 one-time bond fee, and annual dues*), a summer replacement member (annual dues*), or an August member ($150). Summer replacement and August memberships are subject to availability, and must be applied for each summer - first come, first served.


*Annual dues: Family: $450; Senior couple: $325; Senior single: $215

Whether you are already on the Waiting List or applying to be on it, consider becoming a BONDED MEMBER of the Club. This guarantees your membership every summer, and gives you a stake in the best swim club in the area! The current cost of the bond is $500 - a one-time, refundable fee. Email us if you're interested, and spread the word to friends and family!